Status Type

The < statustype > tag will be replaced with a short message describing the nature of the problem detected. Depending on the problem detected this message message will be one of:

Connection problem - these indicates different problems with the network connection to the monitored target which include DNS lookup problems and TCP/UDP connection issues (Connection Refused, Network/Host Unreachable, Connection timed out, No route to host, etc.).
When monitoring PING only devices you can also receive a "100% packet loss" error which is also related to the network connection to the monitored target.

For an explanation and a list of the most common connection errors click here

Content problem - this class includes all errors detected after our monitoring agent has successfully connected to your server. The most common "Content errors" are "Internal server error", "File not found", "Keywords found/not found", "File size check failed","MD5 hash check failed", SSL handshake errors, etc.

For an explanation and a list of the most common content errors click here.

Timeout warnings - this error type includes all timeout warnings which occur when the monitored target is responding properly but the response time is higher than the specified timeout limit.

Recovery message - this indicates that a target which was previously reported as down has recovered and is now responding properly.

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