Protocol and Content related alerts

These alerts will be sent to your notification contacts when our monitoring agent has successfully connected to your server but some problems were detected afterwards. Depending on the target type there are several cases when such errors will be reported:
- protocol mismatch - the server responded with an invalid response
- server unable to handle the request - this condition occurs when the server responds with an error status. Possible cases are - invalid credentials, bad request, server cannot access certain files etc.
- content problems - the data received from the server didn't satisfy the test conditions - a test keyword was missing or the page checksum was different then the one recorded in our database.

The most common errors of this type are:

Internal server error - this error message normally indicates a problem with your web server or with the monitored page and there should be additional information in your web server logs. Our monitoring agent is sending the same request every time so it is not very likely that something on our side is triggering this error.
A possible reason for this error is that your server requires some HTTP header which is not being sent by our monitoring agent. For example the Accept-language and the Referrer headers are not required by default but some of the HTTP servers will respond with an "Internal server error" if they are not provided.

File not found - this error message indicates that the monitored HTTP/HTTPS server could not find the requested page. You should check if you have misspelled the data entered in the "Request Page" field in the targets Advanced configuration or if the requested page redirects to an invalid URL.
The "404 Not Found" status code is also commonly used when the server does not wish to reveal exactly why the request has been refused, or when no other response is applicable.

Unable to complete request - indicates that the monitored server has closed the connection before the request was completed. Could also appear when your server is overloaded or misconfigured.

File size check failed - this error messages appears when the size of the page that is monitored doesn't match the size that was recorded in our database when the target was added. It could indicate that the URL content has been modified without your permission.
You should not activate this feature when monitoring dynamic content unless you are absolutely sure that the file size will stay the same every time the page is opened. Please notice that the page file size includes the size of all HTML and XML tags that are present int the page.

MD5 hash check failed - this error message indicates that the content of the monitored URL has changed since the time the target was added for monitoring. Please notice that the MD5 hash test will detect changes even in the white space, so it is not recommended to use it with dynamic pages.

Keywords not found - indicates that one or more keywords that should have been in the URL content are missing. There are some special cases when the monitoring agent will not be able to find a keyword though you can see it on your screen:
- frames - when the monitored page contains frames only the top most frame will be used for matching the keywords.
- Javascript - when some of the content that is displayed on your page is generated using Javascript or some other client-side scripting language the keywords might appear missing, unless you are using our in-browser level of monitoring which will execute the scripts.
- images and other non-html objects - our monitoring agent will not be able to match text that is displayed using an image or in a Macromedia Flash component.
- character collation and encoding - when monitoring a page for keywords that are written with an non-latin alphabet, some problems with the character encoding might prevent the monitoring agent from detecting these keywords. Please contact our technical support if you experience similar problems.

To avoid these and other problems you should always enter the keywords in exactly the same way they appear in the source of the URL.

Keywords found - indicates that one or more keywords that should not have been in the URL content are present. Please refer to the above section for possible problems in the keyword detection phase.

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