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You can configure our monitoring locations to send alerts only if some requirements are satisfied. Currently you can select between 3 types of behavior when an alert condition occurs at a specific monitoring location.

- Don't send alerts - tells the location not to send alerts.
- Send always - tells the location to send alerts every time a failure is detected. Please notice that if you configure more then one location to always send alerts you might receive duplicate alerts for the same error.
- Send only if the above locations didn't - the monitoring agent will check whether the failure was detected by the locations that are ordered above the current one. This behavior cannot be selected for the location selected on the topmost place.

The recommended behavior with more than one monitoring location per target is to select "Send always" for your primary location, and "Send only if the above locations didn't" for all other locations. This will ensure that you will receive a timely alert if a failure is detected. If you rather want to monitor the performance from several locations and you are not concerned so much about availability the best solution would be to select "Don't send" for all locations except the first one.

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