URL contact settings

Alert encoding options:

Here is how a request will look like with different scenarios. Please note that some of the resulting requests below are broken and will probably be parsed incorrectly by most web servers.

We will use the following configuration to generate the requests
URL: http://alerts.domain.com/
Alert content: Target < label > down.
Target label: My target!

GET requests

- Encode alert
GET http://alerts.domain.com/?text=Target+My+Target%21+down.

- Do not encode
GET http://alerts.domain.com/?text=Target My target! down.

- Encode tag values only
GET http://alerts.domain.com/?text=Target My+Target%21 down.

POST requests

- Encode alert
POST http://alerts.domain.com/


- Do not encode
POST http://alerts.domain.com/

Target My target! down.

- Encode tag values only
POST http://alerts.domain.com/

Target My+Target%21 down.

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