HTTPS Basic target Type

Use this option if you want our monitoring agent to only open a connection to your HTTPS port, which is by default 443. Use this option if you want our monitoring agent to only test the connection to your HTTPS server.
If the monitoring agent is able to establish a connection socket to your HTTPS (Secure Web Server) within the configured time, the test is considered successful. Please notice that this test will not send any requests to your Web server so it cannot detect content or internal server problems, also this test does not include SSL handshake so it will not detect any certificate problems.
We recommend you to use this test in conjunction with the more sophisticated HTTPS advanced, HTTPS performance or HTTPS full-page tests.
For example with an HTTP basic target you can check every minute if the server is up, and with a HTTPS full-page test you can check every hour if your web application is working properly, whether the server returns the correct content, whether the links on this page are working and whether all page components like images, styles and other external objects are intact.

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